SWPPA President
Randy Taylor M. Photog. Cr. CPP


Make plans for a great April 2016!

Southwest Professional Photographers Association is gearing up for a great springtime convention in Frisco, Texas. This is a great hotel with shopping next door and good eating places all around. The Embassy Suites has great meeting rooms, a carpeted tradeshow area and plenty of space to sit around and talking. Everyone enjoys their free breakfast and evening social hour. Make plans now to join us for an outstanding experience and start working on your competition images. We will be hosting the 2016 PPA Southwest District Image Competition during our event. More information will be coming as the plans are finalized for this event. This convention is one you don’t want to miss.
How do we invest in our education and get the most from it?
In today’s environment, money is harder to come by so we all need to look at how we are spending our educational dollars. Are associations and guilds worth the money you spend? Are they just a group of old photographers that are behind the times and need to get together and talk? I have been told that this is the perception of many young photographers. When meeting a photographer new to business I always ask where they learned to be a photographer. The reason I ask how they learned to be a photographer and not learned photography is that there is a big difference. Modern cameras are made to give you a good exposure and good focus. Many are willing to take credit for holding the camera, pointing it and calling it good photography when it is the camera that’s responsible. As we know, Photography is more about posing, lighting, lens selection, and handling people, not just the camera functions. Many new photographers rely on You Tube and the internet to teach them their skills. They watch movies not knowing if those instructors have actually produced in a business or if they are just a good Internet marketer. I am also told that photographers don’t need to go to meetings to be good photographers and they get everything they need from the camera store classes. All these things are useful to a certain extent however, there is never a better learning environment than one-on-one, face-to-face interaction, enabling you to ask questions as they come up. You can’t do that on a you-tube movie.
While learning to be a photographer, I attended a small guild where other experienced photographers were willing to share their experiences. You couldn’t just sit back and listen to get all the info; you had to ask questions and interact with others. As I learned more, I realized that I was making friends and forming relationships that would last forever. It makes business easier if you have friends to talk to when you have challenges to overcome.
Our 2016 Southwest Convention and Workshops are designed to not only provide outcome-based education, but an opportunity to create relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. Our Tradeshow is a place to put your hands on new equipment and products. You can buy frames, check out a new camera, or talk to a new lab and see new products. The Internet is a good teaching tool, but it is never a substitute for good relationships and face-to-face question and answer sessions.
To top off your educational experience, the PPA Print Competition is the ultimate in education. You can see the best of the best in photographic arts. The Southwest PPA print region always has some of the country’s best in photography. Come watch the judging or attend workshops and be sure to experience our April 2016 Convention in Frisco, Texas.





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