SWPPA President
Robert Seat
M. Photog. Cr. CPP


Greetings Fellow Photographers,

Several years ago I was watching one of those antique appraisal shows.  A young lady appeared on the show with a beautifully decorated china pot with a lid for evaluation and appraisal.  She explained that it had supposedly been in her family for an extremely long time, perhaps hundreds of years.  Her mother would use it only at special family gatherings and on holidays to hold gravy or soup.  After a brief commercial the host in fact confirmed that it was indeed as old as they had been told,  It had been made in England and was one of the most beautiful examples of a ďchamber potĒ from that era that he had ever seen.  His appraisal was for thousands of dollars.
Chamber Pot???  If you donít know the definition just Google it.  There is lesson to be learned from this story.

 As professionals we always want to learn how to use the right tool for the job we are doing, and how to use that tool to our best advantage.  This is why we surround ourselves with successful professionals in our industry.  We do this by taking advantage of opportunities to hear other photographers share their knowledge with us, and help us grow in this great profession.

The friendships we build and fellowship that we enjoy is also a big part of this too.  Of course this is why we have our conventions, and why we attend them.

 Southwest has always hosted the district competition each year, but we only held the convention every other year.  This yearís convention is the first ďannualĒ convention in more than 50 years. The 2016 SWPPA convention has been moved from the Sheraton in Arlington to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Frisco, Texas.  This is a fantastic facility with an attached convention center that seems just made for us.  It is just across the street from the Stonebriar Centre Mall, just blocks from the Ikea store, and many other shopping opportunities.  There is also a multitude of restaurants nearby.

Our convention opens with the 2016 Southwest District Judging starting at 9 a.m. Friday, April 1st, and continues through Saturday.  Can you honestly think of a better day to start judging than April Foolís day?   There are two hands-on workshops on Friday, the first of two photowalk safaris and three fantastic programs that continue into the evening.  Saturday and Sunday we have a full lineup of great speakers on a variety of topics to help us all become more creative and earn more money. Our final program will run until noon on Monday.

Donít forget visit the Trade Show Saturday, and Sunday.  This is your opportunity to check out the latest and greatest offerings from all the vendors.  They work hard to serve our industry and provide the products we need in.  These people are here supporting us, and help by sponsoring various events here and provide many of the speakers.  Please make sure to take time to thank them.

We have planned a basketball-themed party Saturday evening along with an ice cream bar and cash bar.  We can have a little fun, and enjoy everyone's company.  During the halftime break we will be giving out the first ever SWPPA Fellowship degrees.  For those of you that have been active in this association, check out the requirements for earning your degree.  You may already qualify to receive one of these degrees.

Sunday, we will end the day with a Dessert Bar. The evening will conclude with the PPA Southwest District GIA awards, SWPPA trophies, and the announcement of the SWPPA Photographer of the Year.  If you donít already have your images ready you need to get with it.  The final day to enter is March 24th.  Make sure you donít miss out.

It is a privilege to join the long list of those who have had the honor of serving as the president of this nearly 100 year old association.  I am looking forward to seeing all of you at this year in Frisco. 





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