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The Fellowship Award Program of the Southwest Professional Photographers Association was created to recognize those who have served SWPPA, attended SWPPA events, supported PPA and their state association or entered the Southwest District competition.

The Fellowship Award has two stages. The first stage is the Associate Fellowship Award which requires 50 points and is recognized with a silver medallion.  The second stage is the Full Fellowship Award. It requires an additional 50 points, which makes a total of 100 points, for the Full Fellowship Award.  It is recognized with a Gold medallion. To claim these points, you must fill out a form and submit it to the Executive Director for verification and documentation.

There are many ways of earning Fellowship  points listed in this brochure. Some of these include participating in the SWPPA District Image Competition, writing articles for our magazine, attending  our Expo, membership to PPA and your state or service to SWPPA.  Please include the date and related info that you are claiming points for. Points are not documented on your personal records file unless you submit the required form listing your service or participation.

The administration and maintenance of the Fellowship Award program shall be managed and recorded by the Executive Director. All points submitted shall be verified from historical records of SWPPA or any supporting documentation provided with the submission. Any unsubstantiated claims or discrepancies that cannot be verified, will be submitted to and resolved by the SWPPA Executive Committee.

When the program is launched and during the first two full years of the program (2016 and 2017) is  the only time that points for prior service can be Grandfathered. Since SWPPA  does not assess any membership dues, the following exception shall apply. Participants who elect to submit forms and claim points for qualified Grandfathered service will need to pay a $35.00 Grandfather Fee for each level and medallion you qualify for. If you have collected over 100 points, the fee would be $70.00. This will cover the initial cost of materials for each degree you qualify for during the initial period.  The Grandfather Fee must be submitted along with the Fellowship Point form.

Your filing form and Grandfather fee must be submitted by February 1st each year in order to be eligible for the Fellowship Award presentation at the next SWPPA Expo. After qualifying for the Full Fellowship Award with 100 points, gold bars with the insignia of “XXV”, may be earned for each additional 25 points claimed. Full Fellowship shall be indicated as FF-SW. Associate Fellowship shall be indicated as AF-SW.

Point Values Eligible
Current PPA Member                                       1
Current SWPPA State Member                        1
Attend SWPPA Event                                       2
Enter SWPPA District PO Competition             3
Enter SWPPA District Artist Competition          3
Each Merit entry at Southwest District              1
Published Article in SWPPA Magazine            2
Present program =< 1.75 hr at SWPPA            2
Present program => 2.0 hr at SWPPA               4
SWPPA Convention Chair                                3
SWPPA Props - A/V Chair                                3
SWPPA Print Room Chair                                3
SWPPA Committee Chair                                 3
SWPPA Web Committee Chair                         3
SWPPA Committee Member                             1
SWPPA Print Room Worker (starts 2015)          1
SWPPA President                                            8
SWPPA Officer                                                 4
SWPPA Board Member                                    2
SWPPA Alternate Board Member                      1
Receive National Award from SWPPA            10
Achieve Masters Degree                                   5
Achieve Craftsman Degree                               5
Achieve Master Artist Degree                            5
Achieve Electronic Imaging Degree                  5
Achieve ABI or API Certification                       3
Achieve CPP Certification                                3
CPP Recertification  (each time)                       2





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