The Southwest Professional Photographers Association is a regional affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America. The region consists of six different affiliated state associations; Arkansas PPA, Colorado PPA, Louisiana PPA, New Mexico PPA, Oklahoma PPA and Texas PPA. Any individual who is a member of the state association where their residence / business is located are automatically a member of SWPPA.

Under an agreement approved by the seven member states, a portion of everyone’s state membership dues is sent to Southwest PPA every year. This payment allows every member, within the state in which they are located, to attend the regional convention for free, as long as they are a current due paid member of their local state.

The Southwest PPA regional convention, print competition and trade show is held every even numbered year at a location within the region.
The Texas PPA convention, Southwest regional print competition and trade show on the odd number years. 

Southwest hosts the PPA Southwest District image competition and judging every year at the site of the regional convention, regardless if the convention is hosted by Southwest or by Texas. Entries receiving a score of 80 or above at this judging will automatically earn an exhibition merit from the Professional Photographers of America if the entry is sent to the next scheduled national judging.

Founded in 1920, the purpose of the Southwest PPA is to advance the profession of photography within the five states of the region, to promote and foster friendly relations between all of its members, to inform the members of new trends and educate the same members within this industry while elevating the overall standards of the work of the profession by acting collectively.





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